Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A vintage best day journey - too tall timber

Do you ever think about how the notes played on a beautiful hand crafted vintage classical guitar with a surprising modern experimental tuning, and the delicate timber sound released as a railway bridge makes first contact with a too tall speeding semi-trailer big rig, actually have very little in common with each other? 

I mean think about it. It's obvious isn't it? They have almost nothing in common. But how often do we really think about that? I'm betting for most of us no more than three or four times a week, maximum. Ok, maybe five times if you happen to drive your truck into a railway bridge. Six if your truck happened to be hauling a shipment of guitars, or a live flamenco band. 

Still that's not that often. There's probably a metaphor about life in there somewhere. Probably a metaphor about fairy penguins who get lost and end up pitching ideas for new types of pesticides for papaya trees in the Philippines too, which actually has a lot in common with classical guitars but only those with classical tunings, something most people only think about on average three or four times a Luna cycle. Maybe five times if you happened to spot a penguin hitchhiking on your way to the moon. 

Still, that's not often enough to me. But I did think about them today. And it was the best day of my life. 

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