Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Best Day of My life extraction - Shhhh

Here's a peek into my world, a sneak peek even, because what’s a peek without the sneak? Am I right? No I am not. You should get goddamn permission before you peek, ok? And I right this very moment give permission for you to have a peek, sneak, or not, right smack close up on the best day of my life, which is, of course, was today.

Everyday, throughout the day, regardless of what I am up to, as part of my normal routine efforts to make something of myself artistically, I'll pump a bunch of random ideas in the brilliantly convenient notes section of my phone, in fact I'm doing that right now! Wow it's like looking through a peephole on a door and seeing another peephole that's looking at you through the peephole, but what's looking through THAT peephole who knows?

Some of these notes become tweets, or stand-up material, or ideas for books and essays, and yet others, most of them in fact, are not right away allocated to any particular thing. These ones make up what is a list of many thousands of notes kept within my phone and other synced devices, only to be discovered sometime later. So that night, or six months, or six years from now, I'll find them and go 'holy shit! Why the hell did I write THAT down? Was I high on peepholes?'

Well not today good folk of the Internet community, for this very evening, I chose not to wait six months at all, and to instead look through today's unlovable (I was trying to write 'unallocated' and spell check chose to guess 'unlovable'! Hey you know what's unlovable spellcheck? THAT attitude!) so yeah, today's unallo (don't you fucking dare) cated notes today, and discovered they were nothing short of friggin brilliant (and disgustingly lovable - take THAT spellcheck).

So, I never do this, but today I thought I'd share with you some raw genius before all the non-genius bits have been removed, and before a lot of the genius had been added, so we're left with the following, which is clearly already genius!

Note: ‘Davescovery’

Why it’s genius: It’s like a discovery, made by Dave, and that’s me! And I like to discovery stuff!

Why it’s super genius: If I ever get myself a sweet archeology show, and an interest in archeology, I totally have a name for the show. Unless I have a co-host, which I’d like to have, but maybe her name will be Dave too!!!

Note: What The Fleeting Forever

Why it’s genius: I have for ten years or so working on projects under the umbrella of Fleeting Forever, my production company, my publishing house, and my artistic goals – hope to make stuff that people enjoy in the fleeting moment they encounter it, and hope to make something so good it shall live forever. I have long wished to do an interview show under THAT name, where I interview people in the arts about their personal journeys, with a focus on people who still do it just for the passion and who are yet to ‘make it’, cause that’s when the art matters more than anything. I have been thinking of starting it as a podcast in the vein of Marc Maron’s What The Fuck, or WTF, and now I have the a title that honors the master, while simultaneously separating myself.

Why it’s super genius: Opposite to the ‘why it’s genius’ section of this one, that note said a shit load without needing to use lots of words. WTFF. That’s all I needed to say damn it.

Note: ‘Excavate the secret sense of secrets… unearth exhume expose …a secret secret about secrets… a secretion full of secrets… swimming through the secret sense of secrets…’

Why it’s genius: That was just a stream of conscious search for a title for an idea exploring secrets which I abandoned because I stopped liking my initial idea before I came up with a title I liked for it.

Why it’s super genius: Because even though I didn’t come up with a good idea, I don’t have to tell anyone I failed, that’s the joy of secrets.

Alright, that’s enough genius for tonight. I’m off to bed. Wait, wait, wait…

Idea: A sneak peak into the peephole of the stream of consciousness of swimming in secrets!!!

Why it’s a genius idea: Because it’s an idea that combines numerous ideas!

Why it’s super genius: Because it was an earnest attempt, and if you have earnestness then you never, ever have something unlovable. So stick THAT in your peephole and secret it!

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