Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Generously suppressed

A magenta hue, spoke of the shame on his face. 

Ahh face shame. The best kind. Public. Vocal. Expressive. Generous. You know what you're getting with someone displaying face shame. 

Not like stupid gut shame. The worst kind. Quiet. Internal. Acidic. Selfish. Why hold it within? What are you trying to hide? 

Or even worse than the worst kind, pinky toe shame. The worstest kind. Limpy. Gangrenous. Black naily. Gross. And yet also hidden. Except that everyone can see you limping around like a fool. Oh you kicked the edge of your bed frame did you? Very believable. I mean that by the way. That's often the cause of pinky toe pain. So good lying there. But, BUT, how's your shame going to feel if I find a bandaid with a dead black pinky toenail in it and feel sorry for YOU! 

Plus have you even thought about the people who have actually fucked up their pinky toe by kicking a bed frame that have to go around with people thinking 'I wonder if it wasn't a frame but is actually shame?' Yeah! That's right! You're putting doubt in people's minds, and doubt's one of the major causes of unsureness, which can lead to damn ambiguity for gods sake. 

So if you're keeping your shame in your pinky toe then shame on you. And where the hell are you going to suppress it to now that your pinky toe was already occupied with your original shame? Which I assume was caused by something small like accidentally nuking a small Carribean nation, but now that you have something big to feel shameful for, where are you going to suppress it? 

What's lower than a pinky toe? A worm? Worm shame? Gone. Removed. Underground. Painless. Completely eradicating any personal suffering. 

Hmm, that's pretty smart. I might have to try that. Where's my nuke kit? 


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