Friday, March 27, 2015

Suddenly Zap

It had been too long since I'd been zapped with an illogical memory conclusion. You know how it goes. You think everything is fine, hunky-dory even, which is way better than dreamboat-dorey, but still only fine. And then suddenly - Zap - logic forgetfulness and indecision are all obliterated in a second. 

Like the zap of an electric shock, but way more exciting because unlike those, these happen suddenly. 

'Skis for blue whales - my keys are in my sock draw - Tuesday at 11pm' you'll be zapped with. Or even 'Concrete flavored Palm trees - call Kyle back - there shouldn't be traffic at this time, take the freeway' will totally zap you. 

It's brilliant. It's exciting. If it was an exciting new improvement in a product you already enjoyed you'd think the development was brilliant. 

But it hadn't happened to me for a while. Too long. Sure 'clover colored lighting - get milk - see the 9pm showing' or 'generational based cloud faces - October 13th - leftovers' would pop up. But two out of three IS bad damn it. Very bad. 

Sadly, this story does not have a happy ending. You can't manufacture something that isn't any good unless it's sudden and in zap form. So I'll just wait, and hope, possibly even pray. But I'm fine, very fine, you could  even say I'm handsome-dorey. 

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