Sunday, April 5, 2015

That's Bold, Super Bold

I've made a bold decision, so bold in fact that if iPhone notes, which l am writing this on, had a bold button I'd totally press it. That's bold man. Because when you're talking fonts there is no misrepresentation involved, the bold button means nothing but BOLD!

Wait there should be. Presenting my new font - misrepresentation - want to show sarcasm with italics? Well we'll underline that shit. Want to highlight a section with bright red so it's not missed? Well we'll underline that shit. In fact we'll underline everything! Except, yeah you know where this is going, stuff you WANT to underline. You've been misrepresented motherfuckers.

Although in a world where everything is underlined the un-underlined becomes the new underlined. That's right people, I don't care how hard you want to misrepresent yourself using my exciting new font misrepresentation, because if there is one thing I know about misrepresentation it's that it's utter flawless, the font that is, but the action? Well that's impossible to pull off no matter how hard you misrepresent.

The point is, I'm ready to be bold. And the way I've decided to do that today is this - if I can't draw it, then I'm not allowed to think it. Boom. Cause no one can accuse you of misrepresentation when using visual arts.

Let's try this - I'm thinking of thinking about a perfectly normal looking man, only he's wearing sunglasses even though it's not clear if it's night or day, it's ambiguous, really really ambiguous ...

Boom I drew it - so I'm allowed to think it.

Let's go again - I'm thinking of thinking about a really, really super giant man punching a very normal, average regular sized flamingo...

Boom, I drew it so I'm allowed to think it. Hell Yeah!

Let's go one more little one, I'm thinking of thinking about the entire world's collective consciousness inhaling a sigh of high and mighty opportunity leaching merriness while unsettled hippopotamus thoughts go all rouge and attack the insulated forgotten cave wars all looking back at us through an open window....

Boom, I drew it so I can think it. Hell motherfucking yeah. I can draw goddamn anything, so I can think anything, maybe even a perfect, misrepresentation free, bow topped conclusion to this blog...

Boom. Nothing ambiguous about that.

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