Thursday, June 11, 2015

Think about it...

And now - things you'd never think of unless you were trying specifically to think of things to think about thinking about that you'd never previously thought about. Some of these may be thinkers:

- Phone key pads which only work when fueled by raw masculinity. 
- Ginormous sized miniature giant pipsqueaks.
- Iron baseball, just like regular baseball but with all the equipment too heavy to lift, surprisingly resulting in the players really getting to know things about each other, specifically relating to how they react when frustrated about not being able to lift things. 
- Gravy MADE from boats. 
- Hopelessly hoping for hopelessness in the next hopelessness fact finding mission. 
- Fire hoses that when put in reverse can suck up entire buildings, only to be used in the most dire of fire situations OR if it'd be an awesome practical joke. 
- Tiles ... for the ceiling!!!
- A fun anecdote that ends with 'I guess you had to NOT be there'. 
- MargarineWasps. 
- Attempting to blog while doing stair climbs.  

How did you go? Find anything to think about you'd never previously thought about? If not feel free to add your own. 

Thanks for playing, and good chair hiding spoon ripple tide grass miracle shelf night! 

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