Saturday, July 11, 2015

The infectiousness of positivity

Calvin had been living in a bubble for a while now 'It's pretty damn sweet' he enthused 'I don't get to keep up to date with all the negativity in the world so I feel free to be happy all the time without guilt, I don't feel pressure to find a wife because there are no women in here, and therefore I don't have to worry about making good first impressions, the fact that I've always had a back deformity leaving me hunched over is an ADVANTAGE in here, it's never my turn to unload he dishwasher, OR figure out what's ok to delete off the DVR, I'm the only one in here so what ever my haircut is IS the fashion, I always wanted to get into meditation and if I ever get around to it I'll have plenty of quiet time to do it right, I've never known what "wainscoting" is and in here no one judges me about it, and I'm almost out of food, water and oxygen so I'll be dead soon!'

Yep, Calvin's positivity was inspiring and infectious. So much so I just had to hug him.

Unfortunately my attempted embrace punctured the sliver-thin soap membrane making up the walls of his home. In an almost flow on type effect anger then punctured his positive outlook and he lashed out, violence identifying itself in a flow further on type scenario as he found himself puncturing my stomach, with a shiv made out of petrified human feces that had initially been crafted by Calvin to use for cutting slabs of his leg off for food. 

Yep Calvin's positivity sure was inspiring and infectious. Much like the infectious leg wounds that seemingly sprung from nowhere and ultimately killed him later that hour. 

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