Monday, January 4, 2016

It's another cheap, super fun, completely flawless, and guaranteed to be life changing practical joke recommendation!

Today's cheap, super fun, completely flawless and guaranteed to be life changing practical joke suggestion comes in eight easy steps, each one easier, more fun, and as epically sidesplitting with hilarity as the next.

Step one: Find a shopping center or village that promises somewhere between seventeen and twenty-three specialty stores, like this one:

Step two: Break into said center overnight (or during the day if you are a trained ninja) and change one of those 'specialty' stores into a 'general' store.

Step three: Sit back, relax, maybe grab a coffee or a cocktail, and just watch as the complaints department gets utterly overrun with grievances, moans, protests and even whines, regarding this newfound and woefully unsignposted, unadvertised and unasked for convenience and variety!

Step four: Visit the afterlife after you've laughed so much and so hard that your heart has been rendered a mere shell of its former self, (shells of course making a poor substitute for blood pumpers, just ask crabs with blood lust).

Step five: Hope one of the 'specialty' stores is a defibrillator store, and their staff aren't lazy and inattentive.

Step six: Think 'oh fuck', was it the defibrillator store I changed to a general store?

Step seven: End up on the bad side of the after-life after swearing one time too many.

Step eight: Use your ninja skills to get by on this side just fine, possibly even thrive.

Please note: If you are not a trained ninja then probably don’t risk flipping the defibrillator store into the general store, maybe go with the knife store, or perhaps the gun store.

Please note 2: Probably do not risk changing a knife or gun store into a general store unless you are a trained ninja, I’ve heard a nasty rumor that most of those store owners are not lazy and are vigilantly attentive, and some of them even have access to weapons!

Please note 3: Probably hope one of these specialty stores is a facial reconstructive plastic surgery office that you can now pay vast amounts of money to repair the damage done during your last conversation with a crab rabid with blood lust.  

It's the practical joke that's cheap, super fun, completely flawless and guaranteed to be life changing! And its endlessly fun for the whole family! Try it today.

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