Friday, November 19, 2021

Circling The Wharf

So hello, and welcome to the blog.

For those of you new here, I figure I should introduce myself and the blog.


First off – what is a blog?

A blog is – the most single most important art form in the world, outside of maybe chalk drawings in front of wharfs - but only maybe - because those win points for irony - but lose points for lastability, which is the type of ability few even think about.  


And I’ll tell ya something, I think about the things that few people think about A LOT!


By which I mean - I think about the fact that there are things that few think about - I do not think about all those individual things, because I just don’t have the time man, I would LOVE to have the time, and I have tried to MAKE the time, 


I’ve tried all sorts of ways of making the time, such as: 


-       Scheduling

-      Inventing time extending devices powered by the sun

-      Inventing time extending devices powered by the moon

-       Inventing time extending devices powered by the time I thought I was staring at the moon but it turned out to be the sun and my eyes caught fire, and when I went to put them out in the local public pool I found out that having your eyes being on fire is FROWNED upon in some circles.

-       Those circles being round ones.

-       Also I recently found out square circles aren’t even considered circles in some circles.

-       I’d like to join a circle of intellectuals who consider ANY shaped circle to be a circle.

-       But I just can’t find one. And I have looked, god knows I have looked!

-       Looking being something I do with my eyes.

-       Oh shit that reminds me, I never put out my eye fire, aaaagghhhhha aagghhhhha agghhhhh, please please please someone hand me some water.

-       Thank you.

-       That felt good.

-       I appreciate it.

-       Want to join my isosceles triangle shaped social circle?

-       What do you mean ‘That’s not a circle’?

-       Oh fuck you dick. I wish I’d NEVER put my eye fires out with your water, I hate you I hate you, we should schedule a make up meeting.


Sorry I got distracted, that happens here. You’ll get used to it.


Second off – who am I?

I’m Dave Dang Tieck, writer, poet, miscreant, marsupial acknowledger, and all round silly nonsense joy bug monster.


I have lots of fun thoughts. I write them down sometimes. Sometimes I do it here.


Come and play. Comment. Ask me questions. Here some example questions I recommend

- Um what?

- ????

- What????


Those are just off the top of my head, so image what you could come up with by using your whole head. Frankly the top bit might be the WORST bit to come up with stuff off. I recommend coming up with stuff off your sinuses, you’ll come off smart AND breathe better.


In summation

- This is a blog

- Blogs are the best art form in the world.

- If your eyes are currently on fire then join my Isosceles Circle Club – we have FREE WATER! 

(This wharf has had six chalks drawings on it - not ONE lasted. So sad. Still - blogs for the win!)

(Million read watch - 987484!)

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