Monday, November 29, 2021

The surprising truth about being mistaken for a beaver

Well I think it goes without saying, it's pretty dang nice to be back here, at the blog, on the blog, and for those of us who are not here, (perhaps they are over there, out the back or maybe even somewhere in the  elsewhere zone), I think we can be sure, they too are happy, to be here. 

It's nice. It's nice to be chosen to write this blog that I created. It's nice. 

I'll tell ya what is probably NOT nice though... being mistaken for a Beaver. 

Consider this: 

"Hey Beaver..." 

"Who me?"

"Yeah you, the beaver" 

"Oh sorry, I am not a beaver, I'm actually an adult human-being. Plus we are here in Australia, a country with no beavers" 

"What about at the zoo?" 

"You have me there pal - and it is definitely nice to be reminded occasionally that swift assumptions can often be wrong and harmful to my OWN self - in terms of the way they make me foolish - or worse swift to judge - or worse still something worse, like maybe a thorn in the toe, or even a toe in the thorn, no one ever thinks about it from the thorns point of view -

    'Hi I'm a thorn'

    'Here, go in a toe' 

    'What... a TOE? I can't get a rib? A kidney? Even an ankle? Give me an ankle at least man, I can't go home for Christmas and tell mum and dad I ended up as a fucking toe thorn!"

"Yeah, that's AWFUL sounding - so I thank you" 

"No, I thank YOU beaver man" 

Nope - see, I proved myself wrong. Being mistaken for a beaver is clearly actually the pathway to great learning, and is therefore great for humanity, and should in fact be the cornerstone of the educational system from now on. 

Well I think we've answered this one. 

- Being mistaken for a beaver is rad. 

- Being a thorn in a toe is fucking awful. 

- And being here on the blog is nice, even if we're not here at all but in the elsewhere zone, it's just great that that is some how also here. 

Help Save Education - Mistake an adult human for one of these TODAY 

Ps. This might be a gopher, I can't tell the difference. 

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